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Wed Dec 08 2021 12:55:52 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

Ampifire 100K Shout Out Training - Brand Content Amplification System

Last Updated: June 16, 2021 | Bobby Deleon

Ampifire 100K Shout Out is Innovative and First of Its Kind

Ampifire 100K Shout Out is an innovative, first of its kind, revolutionary brand and content amplification system. The 100K Shout Out is an all-inclusive course and software app that automates all the processes needed to launch an online business. Get ahold of the 100K Shout Out Training Course to syndicate your web properties content to over 400 brand name sites all over the internet.

Whether you are just starting a new or existing business, Ampifire Marketing Campaigns will get your online business more visitors and exposure from the internet. Your business model could be anything, and you can just set up whatever your products or services are and your off to the races.

Meet the Developers Behind Ampifire 100K Shout Out System?

At its core, 100K Shout Out is a business model that uses the latest technology built from the ground up. Created by Chris Munch, the CEO of an 8-figure SaaS company called Press Cable, which has sold over 200,000 products generating more than 30 million dollars and has helped thousands of marketers grow their online business.

Chris, with his partner, Jay Cruiz, launched the Ampifire System to solve the most difficult elements of getting online traffic with a simple solution that takes a short time to implement. Designed to be hassle-free for marketers, experienced or not, this system is an all-in-one content and traffic generating platform for your products or services.

The Ampifire System alleviates the burden of buying ads and the daily tracking of ad expenditures. As a result, you get your business greater brand exposure, and organic traffic from search engines.

What’s in the 100K Shout Out Training Course?

The course is made up of in-depth step by step video training detailing the overall process of how the Ampifire System works. Upon getting access, the training course begins with a few videos that are approximately 2 hours long to help you start quickly. Ampifire does most of the training via live weekly webinars and recorded for those that cannot attend the live sessions.

Starting the discussion is the keyword selection process utilizing a hook-mixing template to discover hidden angles or low competition keywords. The next few sessions are about what goes into and how to correctly set-up your mini-site to promote affiliate or eCommerce offers or products and the use of the Ampifire Software.

You will receive several high-converting website templates to choose from to assist you in creating your mini-site in the correct format. The templates will aid you immensely if you are a beginner or just getting your feet wet in the maze of internet marketing and need a little guidance.

After you have mastered and learned how to create a mini-site to promote affiliate and eCommerce offers, the training ventures into helping local businesses promote their goods and services online.

How Does Ampifire Software Work?

100k Shout Out Content Amplification

It is no secret that content is the number one driver of traffic online. With their staff producing enormous amounts of content daily, some of the biggest news sites get millions of visitors to their websites. The same principle applies here; if you create a lot more content, it will appear more often in search results, social media, and news sites.

Fortunately, creating a boat-load of content is something you do not have to worry about at all upon deploying the Ampifire Software. The Ampifire Team of professionals combines article writing, software automation, and artificial intelligence to optimizes and distribute media to 400+ premium web properties for maximum exposure and traffic. All of this without using any other services, assistants, or without spending hours working fingers typing until they are numb.

The software will take care of the hard work of spreading the word regarding your business. Before the development of Ampifire, you had to do this process manually, investing in search engine optimization, keyword research, and producing articles that required considerable time, perhaps, weeks, months, or longer, and it would be an expensive endeavor.

If you find yourself stuck or having difficulty during the training course, a 24/7 coach and concierge is standing by to help you with any aspect or issue that you may have. Needless to say, how valuable this service is for beginners.

Ampifire Publishes to Brand Name Sites with Authority

Brand Amplification System

Initially, Ampifire publishes your content to news article sites and blog networks. We are talking about pre-selected brand-named sites with authority, such as USA Today, BBC News, and over 400+ other news sites.

Getting some of the biggest news sites in the world, linking back to your website is bound to get you visitor traffic and results. Not to forget to mention the exposure and organic traffic you will get for your brand or service within the search engines. Hence, your mini-site will reap the benefit of receiving visitor traffic from Google News and Google Search Results.

As with the news outlets, Ampifire Software posts your content or media to specific authority blogs, which in turn amplifies your website presence and rankings. Ampifire is doing all the heavy lifting for you and does 90% of the tasks to set-up an optimal marketing campaign. The Ampifire 100K Shout Out System is a real game-changer. The syndication campaigns include publishing content to:

  • High traffic blogs

  • LinkedIn SlideShare

  • Social Media Sites

  • Google News

    • Podcast Directories

    • Mainstream News Sites

    • YouTube & Vimeo Podcasts

    • And Much More!


    Why the Ampifire 100K Shout Out Program is Right for You?

    You cannot find a better tool to have in your toolbox than the 100K Shout Out Software that does what it does. The training effectively lays out the blueprint to achieve a $100k a year income.

    Ampifire 100k Shout Out Training

    The Ampifire Software takes the hard work out of getting the exposure your website needs to garner the visitor traffic for a successful marketing campaign. The software creates and distributes content to multi-media channels, social media networks, video sites, and slide-share platforms.

    The Ampifire 100k Shout Out Platform saves you a considerable amount of time and money, minus the headaches, from having the very same type of content distribution tasks done by separate or independent services. To determine and select the appropriate high-authority news and blog sites would take a significant amount of time, let alone the cost of posting to them.

    After you have mastered and learned how to create a mini-site to promote affiliate and eCommerce offers, the training ventures into helping local businesses promote their goods and services online.

    Wrapping Up

    You can run multiple marketing campaigns within the Ampifire Software, and it only takes a few minutes to set-up and run each campaign. The software is user-friendly, and it doesn’t get any easier than this to set-up and launch a campaign. You need to follow the guidance within the training and fill-out the entry fields, and the software will handle the tedious task of generating a marketing campaign for you with ease.

    The Ampifire 100K Shout Out Training Program is for small business owners, solopreneurs, and online marketers. This unique software and training course is perhaps, the best tool on the market to advance your efforts in running a successful online business. You would be hard-pressed to find another tool of its kind anywhere in the marketplace that performs the same tasks as the Ampifire System.

    I highly recommend that you register for FREE Webinar to find out the 3 Secrets of the 100k Shout Out System:


    Secret #1

    The 3-Step System to enable you to generate six figures a year with just nine simple campaigns that you can run in less than 6 minutes!

    Secret #2

    The secret formula for finding high ROI, low-competition offers to promote negating the big-time competition

    Secret #3

    How Ampifire helps you achieve an Omni-presence to generate significant traffic to your website or offers daily.



  • Incredible Training Course 

  • Never Seen Before Software

  • Five Years In The Making

  • Done For You Marketing

  • Blueprint From $0 - $100K/yr

  • Perfected Over 41K Campaigns


    Pick up this innovative, first of its kind, revolutionary platform and content amplification engine to promote just about any service or product.


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